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About me.

Marcel Lagerwerf

I’m a highly motivated and enthusiastic professional with an entrepreneurial attitude and a strong ambition for my future. I’m always looking for the challenge that pushes me the most. Because of my strong communication and social skills I’m able to work in almost every team. And am I able to communicate on every level within an organisation. Previous employers have always been impressed with the speed at which I learn new information, share my knowledge with others and how I manage my work.

What other people say about me.

Marcel is an inspiration to his team. He listens carefully and uses the right arguments to convince team-members and get them along with his vision.


Business unit manager, Squerist

Marcel is an enthusiastic and always positive person. He is strong in analytics and takes up new information very quickly. He is a great personality that finds his way in every team he’s a part of.


A real leader, showing his calm and confidence. He always keeps the project end goals in his mind while doing his work. This makes him focusing on the things that will bring the most value to the end product.

Coach, Sogeti

Marcel is a real team player, known within the team for delivering high quality work. He focuses not only on improving quality at the technical side, but also on the proces side. Where he pinpoints and eliminates all possible failures in each proces step that is taken.


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