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About Marcel

Building my future

“LIfe is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated.” – Confucius

I’m a highly motivated and enthusiastic professional with an entrepreneurial attitude and a strong ambition for my future.

With my background in hospitality I’ve come to learn the importance of learning the needs of the people you work with. Always look for the things you can do to add value to the life of those around you.

I’m always looking for the challenge that pushes me the most.

Colleagues about me;
“Marcel is an inspiration to his team. He listens carefully and uses strong arguments to convince others.” – business unit manager

“A real leader, showing his calmth and confidence. Always keeps focus on the higher goals.” – coach

“Marcel is a real team player, known within the team for delivering high quality work.” – client

“Marcel is an enthusiastic and always positive person. He is strong in analytics and takes up new information very quickly.” – client

I’m valued by my colleagues for being a real team player and having high standards for the work I deliver. I’m an enthusiastic and positive-minded person.

“Be an inspiration for others, be the light in the darkness, be the laugh to brighten a tear, be a student of life and especially be who you truly are inside: you.

Surround yourself with people who believe in you, who are honest and sincere to you, people who encourage you when you almost want to give up and who lift you up to be the best version of yourself.”
– Michael Pilarczyk

Live a healthy, wealty and happy life!


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Mijn eerste halve marathon

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