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“You are writing your own legacy. Make every decision add to that.”

I’m on a mission to spread stuff that I find interesting and important.

On this page you find a collection of my favorite articles, books, podcasts, videos and products. Over the years I’ve been collecting these links and now, I’m excited to share them with you.

In this collection, I brought together my favorite things on the internet on a variety of subjects that I’m interested in. I hope this page will help you spend more time learning and less time searching.


Your Life in Weeks – An amazing post on Wait But Why that helps you put your life in perspective by simply breaking down your life span in weeks. It helped me becoming more aware of what part of my life has already passed, and what is yet to come. Treasure your time left!


(My) Secret sauce to a Sub 9hr Hawaii Ironman: Unconventional wisdoms – I love looking for edges on how to break the conventional wisdom of stuff. This post by Sami Inkinen is a great insight on how he used data to train for his sub 9 hour triathlon, against the commonly known training principles.




"Zorgen jouw gewoontes dat je elke dag 1% beter wordt, of wordt je 1% minder goed?"

Je bent aangemeld!

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