My Vision

It is my belief that you are responsible for becoming the best version of yourself and living life the way you want to. Only you can make sure that you do the things that make you happy.

Enjoy nature, the sun and the wind, a glass of good wine with a delicious dinner, physical challenges and all the moments you get to share with the people you love.

I believe that if you align who you are as a person with what you do in your life, you will make a positive impact on the world around you.

For me, triathlon is the perfect metaphor for life. The combination of swimming, cycling, running and nutrition is a good comparison with different aspects in life.

You cannot be successful if you only peak in one of the parts, or if you ignore one part completely. Do you peak at work but not privately? Or are you completely ignoring your health? Then you will never be able to reach the finish successfully.

“I believe that when who you truly are is in sync with what you do in your life you’ll make a positive impact on the world around you.”

– Marcel

My Story

From an early age on sports and personal development have been a common thread in my life. As a little boy I was already on the soccer field, with varying degrees of success. At the age of 8 I also started with the Korean martial art, Hapkido.

I obtained my black belt as the youngest one in the Netherlands, and became the Dutch champion multiple times in a row. Soon training started to interfere with my school, side-jobs and ambition to go out with my friends.

When the realization came that I am responsible for my own future I decided that I had to do things differently.

From that moment on I started to take personal development serious and got back into sports as a physical challenge. Also my passion for the stock market was founded around that time in life.

I’m on a mission to spread my knowledge and experience in all fields of my life with you. This might go about sports, plant-based food, your mindset or the stock market.

My Believes

Take care of yourself, for you and for others

The biggest gift to the world is your own well-being. When you take care of yourself you will feel better, both mentally and fysically. When you feel empowered you’re a much better company for the people around you.

Stay curious and always keep amazing yourself

Make sure you will always stay curious and hungry to keep developing yourself. Anything that stops growing starts dying.

Be truly happy with what you already have, while doing everything you can to make your dreams come true

Everybody has dreams for a better life. Dare to chase those dreams and make them come true. In the meanwhile never forget to be truly happy and enjoy what is already around you.

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