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“You are writing your own legacy. Make every decision add to that.”

The 15 Most Important Trading Rules from Paul Tudor Jones

October 19th, 1987. The day we all got to know as Black Monday. For almost everybody involved in the stock market this was one of the worst days to be alive. But not for this guy. This guy managed to make one of his best trades in that week. His name is Paul Tudor...

How to Start Your Trading Career

So, you want to be a stock trader? Do you think you’ve got what it takes to make it in the stock market? Probably you can’t wait to get started buying stocks on tips that you’ve heard from friends. But let’s take a step back for a moment. When you follow the path...

The 23 Best Jesse Livermore Quotes and Trading Rules

Jesse Livermore is one of the greatest of all times. Every self-respecting trader knows his story. He has made millions in the market several times. His best known winning trade was shorting the big market crash in 1929. Although Jesse was kind of a strange guy and...

Stocks Buying Strategies

Before making any buys on the stocks market I'll go over my buying criteria to make sure it matches my strategy. I've set up an overview of the things I want to consider before any trade. They're divided in the well known categories; the overall market, fundamental...

Online Trading Tools

There is a lot of information about the stock market available online. But which of those are actually any good to spend your time (and sometimes money) on.What tools will help you improve as a trader and give you the right information. Before you start exploring all...

Trading Books Collection

There are a ton of websites giving you a list of the trading books that you must have read to be a good trader. With this list we wanted to give you a broader collection of books that will help you improve your life. We've read every single book that's on the list and...

Over Marcel

Hi! Welkom op mijn website. Je kunt hier alles lezen over mijn ervaringen en groei in de triathlon wereld. Naast sportgerelateerde blogs schrijf ik over plant-based eten, mindset en het bereiken van doelen en dromen in het leven. Ik hoop dat ik je met mijn blogs kan inspireren, motiveren en misschien leer je er zelfs nog wat van ook.

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