Let’s get ready for a great 2021


Its time for another update from me to let you know what I’ve been working on lately. And more importantly what you can expect from me in the future.

First of all I’d like to wish you all the best for 2021! Let’s make this another great year.

Although for many 2020 is probably not one of the best years, for me personally there were some shifting moments that have helped me make some important decisions.

Lots of them will impact you, as a beloved follower and more importantly as a trader.

The last year I saw an amazingly big increase in downloads of my e-book, and you are one of them. Thanks for downloading it and hopefully you found it valuable!

This increase in downloads and the amount of questions I got from a lot of you about my trading strategy pushed me towards making a decision.

That decision is to become more active and providing actual value to you as a follower.

Besides just appreciating you taking the time to read one of my posts and downloading my e-book I am going to provide you a ton of value in 2021.


What you can expect from me:

1. I’ll be sending out regular watchlists

These will include the stocks I am watching to trade. And off course the stocks that I am actively trading as well.

I’m going to share chart analysis including my thoughts and action points that I look for.

When I’m buying or already am in a trade I’ll tell you the exact sell triggers that I am looking out for.

Besides that those watchlist emails will also include some of my overall market and trading thoughts. So it might be some more information about my trading rules, or it might go into analyzing a specific company more deeply.

These watchlist emails are going to help you get an even better understanding about my trading strategy. And by sharing this with you I hope you will get to understand an learn from my experience and ongoing journey.


2. Chart analysis of biggest winning trades

Off course I do my best to profit from the best performing trades. But unfortunately I am still far from trading perfectly.

Which means that I also miss a lot of big winning trades. This is not a bad thing because the trades that I do make are making me enough profits.

But I am always analyzing the stocks that I missed to see what I could have done to find it earlier and make some profit of it.

Those stocks will probably not be in the watchlist e-mails since I have missed them.

Every now and then I will be doing this analysis and will share it with you as well.

Now you will not only learn from my actual trades, but also from the biggest trades that I missed.

And off course I’ll also be sending out trade analysis of the trades that I did make and profited from.

GSX chart analysis


3. I’m finishing up my course

Besides those regular watchlist mails I’ve been working on my online trading course; my Trade & Grow Rich course.

Some of you have already let me know to be interested in being a part of that group. For which I am very grateful!

If you haven’t done it yet you can send me a reply and let me know that you want to become part of the first Trade & Grow Rich course.

Or first take a quick look at the information page that I already created last year: https://tradegrowrich.com/course

This course will go into several focus areas of my trading strategy. I will teach you how I became profitable and which strategy I am currently still using.

I am going to share everything I know and have learned with you.

At first I was thinking about created different levels of courses based on your experience and goals.

But in the end I think it is more valuable for you if I share everything with you in a structured way that will help you grow from wherever you currently are into a successful trader.


Let’s get ready for a great 2021

These 3 decisions will have great impact to you as one of my followers, because you will get a lot of information from me that will help you improve your trading.

And it will have a lot of impact for me as well, because I am going to have to explain my trading decisions better for you to understand it properly.

For all of us it will become a great 2021, regardless of the development of the Covid-19 and the government measurements to try to keep within boundaries.

I have no idea where the markets are going.

I do know that by learning a proven strategy you are capable of profiting from the chances that are offered to you. And I am here to help you with that.

I’d love to hear your thoughts about these upcoming changes! And off course if you have any specific questions or additions that are valuable to you let me know!

– Marcel

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