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How To Turn Your Dreams Into Goals

“If your dreams don't scare you, they’re not big enough.” Remember those early days as a kid? The time when no idea or dream was crazy enough. You could think of everything that you possibly could. As a kid you don’t care about being reasonable or not. You don’t care...

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Why You Should Never Share Your Goals With Others

Most people will tell you that you need to share your goals with others. That it is a good idea to tell about your plans to as many people around you, because they can hold you responsible and motivate you. Off course this sounds pretty good. Your friends and family...

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9 Books To Kickstart Your Life & Success

There are more than enough books about life and success available to read. I've found it hard to find the ones that really would impress me so I've read a lot of those books myself. I want to share 9 of the books that I think are a must read to kickstart your success...

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59 Jim Rohn Quotes To Improve Your Life

Jim Rohn is one of the most respected and well known motivational speakers that has ever lived. He has helped millions of people changing their lives through his wise life lessons and amazing insights on how to live. Not only did he know how to bring his message to...

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Will Smith’s Amazing Insights On Life And Success

At the bottom of the post there is an amazing inspirational video put together with several interviews with Will Smith that I want to share with you. I really love Will as an example. He is a great personality, has achieved a lot in his life and has an amazing mindset...

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22 Inspiring Quotes About Passion

Are you feeling fulfilled about your life? Do you really love to do the things you do on a regular basis? Or are you as so many out there, that are not happy about one, or maybe even more, aspects of their lives? It is a shame that so many people feel this about some...

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The Most Important Question For Success

The most important art you're going to need to become successful and to get what you want, is also one of the most simplest: ASKIt is said in "Ask and you shall receive."Yes, there is not a single question for success. Instead, there are a lot of questions that will...

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23 Les Brown Quotes On Change

Les Brown is a premier keynote speaker and one of the leading authorities on personal development. He energizes people to meet their challenge by giving amazing seminars. He uses his own life story as an example about the actions you need to take to change your...

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